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Groundbreaking Book for Wine Business: Global Collaboration

Submitted By: School of Business and Economics Marketing Team at Sonoma State University, January 24, 2014

Ground Breaking Book for the Wine Business Industry: a Product of Global Collaboration

Rohnert Park, CA- "Wine Business Case Studies: Thirteen Cases from the Real World of Wine Business Management," edited by Pierre Mora, was published this month, the brain child of the first ever Global Wine Business Education Conference held by the Wine Business Institute at Sonoma State University two years ago.

"The 13 case studies illustrate the broad range of strategic choices and possible business models in the wine business. Whether you are a producer working out of a chateau, a merchant operating in a market space or an importer bringing wines to a big urban area or a marketing student ... the book will be valuable to your benchmarks and operations," explained Mora.

"This book is an opportunity for people to visit real life business scenarios in the wine industry and learn from the experience of others," said Ray Johnson, the director of the Wine Business Institute, explaining that the book will help wine business professionals both in the industry and in the classroom.

Seeing the need to spark conversation between wine business educators and leaders from around the world about best practices, Dr. Anisya Fritz, the proprietor of Lynmar Estate and a lecturer at Sonoma State University, created the conference to bring the wine business professionals from 13 countries to Sonoma State. Her business experience and work with global not-for-profits helped her see this vision and make it a reality. Neither the conference nor its outcome could have been possible without Fritz’s leadership.

"This book is ground-breaking because it is the first of its kind that focuses on wine business studies," explained Dr. Liz Thach. She is the author of the case "Dark Horse Ranch Vineyard: A Mendocino County, California, Biodynamic Winemaker Explores Future Directions," which examines the return on investment of biodynamics.

Four SSU professors’ cases are present in the book, including Dr. Liz Thach, Dr. Thomas Atkin, Dr. Duane Dove and Dr. Armand Gilinsky. Other contributors’ cases present business scenarios from Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and Spain.

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For more information, contact:
Annemarie Brown, SSU School of Business & Economics, 707-664-2221,

Top photo: Dr. Huiqin Ma from China presents the latest growth trends in wine consumption and production in China.

Bottom photo: Wine business leaders and educators from around the world gathered for the 1st global conference on wine business education, convened by Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute.

About Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute:
Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute is located in the heart of California wine country and was created through a public-private partnership between the University and the wine industry. Founded in 1995, it is the first program in the United States to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees focused exclusively on the business aspects of the wine industry. These include a B.S. with a concentration in wine business strategies (since 1998), an MBA with an emphasis in wine business (since 2008), and an executive MBA in wine business (since 2012). In addition to its academic programs, the Wine Business Institute offers an array of professional seminars and certificates for the industry on relevant topics like accounting and finance, and wine sales and marketing, including an online certificate in wine business management that has reached professionals in a dozen countries since its launch in 2012. Its faculty members are published experts, active researchers, and requested presenters on pressing industry topics locally and around the world. The Wine Business Institute operates within Sonoma State’s School of Business and Economics, a fully accredited AACSB institution. Learn more at