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WineDirect Offers Cloud-based Access to Telesales Activity

Submitted By: Lewis Perdue, January 20, 2014
Cloud-based Access to Telesales Activity Delivers Unparalleled Visibility for Wineries
WineDirect Outbound utilizes Vin65 platform to provide complete visibility for wineries and sales reps alike

January 20, 2014, (Napa, CA) - WineDirect Outbound (formerly Call for Wine) announces a full deployment of their campaign tools on sister company Vin65 technology, delivering both winery employees and telesales representatives cloud-based visibility into all customer information and call history.

This cloud-based software allows each telesales representative to maximize his or her efforts, resulting in increased sales, streamlined operations, and improved customer satisfaction. At the same time, winery personnel have unparalleled visibility into all customer interactions.

Key Benefits

Wineries have full real-time visibility into each customer’s call history with WineDirect Outbound. That information becomes part of the customer record.
Orders flow directly into the OMS and are promptly processed, with no need for re-keying of data by winery employees.
Live inventory counts eliminate the possibility of overselling.
With this new technology, winery staff and WineDirect Outbound can now work hand-in-hand on campaign planning, forecasting and execution.
The integration allows for rapid communication between winery staff and sales representatives.
Credit cards can be pre-authorized or processed in real time, preventing the need for a customer call back.

Features for Wineries

All calls are logged in the winery’s CRM, providing a view into which sales representatives are calling which customers on any given day.
Purchase history, notes, and activity logs are all available in real time.
Each customer record includes complete call details

“At-a-glance” reports include both aggregate and campaign level detail.

Aggregate reports show campaign, sales rep, and call performance.
Campaign level reports show both sales representative performance and overall sales for a specific campaign, allowing the winery to easily measure effectiveness.

Product and campaign setup are managed in the Vin65 OMS.

The Vin65 List Builder tool is used to set up campaigns, providing access to previous order data, club data, call responsiveness, or any information captured via web forms.
Products and pricing are updated in real time through the Vin65 OMS.
Any changes made by sales reps, whether to products, orders or customer records, are logged and can be viewed by the winery.

Features for Sales Reps

When placing calls, sales reps have access to all customer data, including club memberships, previous purchases, favorite products, and social media activity.
Sales reps can authorize the credit card and check both inventory and compliance while on the phone. Orders can be held for winery review or processed immediately.
Sales reps have a seamless connection to the winery team, allowing them to access customer notes, preferences, and contact history.

“There is nothing more effective than maintaining close contact with your customers. But it’s equally important to ensure a seamless experience between all touch points,” said Terry Hegarty, General Manager of WineDirect Outbound. “Real time access to call data provides WineDirect Outbound and our winery clients the opportunity to fine tune campaigns and maximize results”.

In short, WineDirect Outbound and Vin65 provide the marketing tools and customer relationship management (CRM) features needed to effectively manage a winery’s Direct-to-Consumer sales in one easy-to-use system.

About Vin65

Vin65 is the leading provider of eCommerce and POS solutions to wineries and wine retailers. The Vin65 platform has received attention from wine technology thought leaders and technology savvy wineries for its ability to drive innovation in the wine Direct-to-Consumer space. The platform includes: eCommerce, POS systems, wine club, content management, customer relationship management and mobile eCommerce all tailored for the wine industry.

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About WineDirect

WineDirect is a leader in winery direct sales, providing technology and services that enable wineries to sell more wine through Direct-to-Consumer channels. Headquartered in the Napa Valley, WineDirect offers a broad range of logistics solutions including a technology driven fulfillment system, compliance tools, and marketing programs which provide access to new markets and consumers. In addition, the company offers an eCommerce and wine club processing platform with integrated marketing capabilities, and telesales services to help wineries grow their businesses profitably. Each of the company’s services is offered on a standalone basis, or as part of an integrated, end-to-end solution.


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Terry Hegarty
WineDirect Outbound