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BeverageTradeNetwork.com Sourcing Tool Adds Solid Value To Importers

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BeverageTradeNetwork.com Sourcing Tool Adds Solid Value To Importers

Submitted By: Sid Patel, December 09, 2013

As 2014 approaches Beveragetradenetwork.com has seen a huge increase in site activity as business professionals gear up and update their portfolios for the new year. BTN have become a very popular sourcing tool due to their easy-to-use b2b nature. Every selling lead acts as a direct line to the seller and all negotiations are conducted independent of BTN, creating the perfect market place setting for buyers and sellers in the beverage industry to connect. Sampling requirements and detailed product information can be requested directly from the seller.

Selling Leads are free and easy to post. Once published they are visible to thousands of distribution companies looking to source new products. Buyers can use the search engine and filter their options by country and product, greatly increasing their efficiency when sourcing. Sellers can showcase their products to buyers by detailing the type of product offered, the product origin, the quantity of units available, the price per unit, the production year, the Alc. Vol %, and the bottle type, as well as include a descriptive article about the product.

If you are a beverage producer and would like more information on how to post your free Selling Leads please visit http://beveragetradenetwork.com/en/for-sellers-25.htm. If you are a Beverage Distributor, Importer, Wholesaler or Broker and would like more information on how to browse selling leads for new sources please visit http://beveragetradenetwork.com/en/selling-leads/.

If you are a importer or a distributor looking to source wines, spirits, craft beers or other beverages. Please use the form below to post your Buying Lead. Take just 5 minutes to fill out a Buying Lead request and start sourcing globally on BTN.

BTN Sourcing offers the following:

1. Verified Suppliers

2. Receive quotes from suppliers in as little as 48 hours

3. Simple & Easy: Use 5 minutes to fill out a Buying Lead

For any other inquiries please contact our Head Office:
+1 901 BTN LIVE
501 Silverside Rd, Suite 77
Wilmington, DE 19809

BeverageTradeNetwork.com is the first choice of platform to source brands for wine,beer and other beverage buyers, importers, distributors and companies in the beverage industry. Get your products listed today and start selling.