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BTN Launches Wine Broker Search Platform

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BTN Launches Wine Broker Search Platform

Submitted By: Sid Patel, September 14, 2013
Beverage Trade Network Launches BTNBevBrokerConnect, a global network of wine brokers that are looking to add new wines to their portfolio for representation.

BTN BevBrokerConnect can help you find the right wine broker for your brand.

A wine broker’s primary job is to act as a liaison between wineries and importers or distributors. In some cases, wine brokers are also hired by distributors to expand their retail distribution. Some wine brokers will work exclusively with suppliers, giving them the time and confidence to build the supplier’s brand on a long term basis.

Wine brokers with good industry knowledge and connections can also help wineries place your wines into retail chains helping you grow your brand nationally.

Wineries that are looking to export in international markets or cannot afford a full time sales rep can take advantage of BTN BevBrokerConnect.

With BTN’s new feature, you can navigate wine broker listings by target market and compensation type.

Learn More about BTN BevBrokerNet and see how it can help you grow your distribution.

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