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Duarte Nursery Offers 30 Million Vines for 2014 Production

Submitted By: Lewis Perdue, August 26, 2013
Duarte Nursery

August 26, 2013

Duarte Nursery Greatly Expands Grapevine Capacity, Products and Clonal Selection

Duarte Nursery announces a greatly expanded grapevine production capacity for 2014 grafting and delivery seasons. Growers interested in vineyard expansions and redevelopments can be confident that with Duarte Nursery’s large supply of clean plant material there is no grapevine shortage.

Currently, Duarte Nursery has 30 million rootstocks and 50 million scion buds certified and virus tested for 2014 grafting. Duarte Nursery produces grapevines in multiple formats including, the Big Pot Benchgraft, Tall Pot Benchgraft, MagnumVine and UberVine. Duarte Nursery can produce vines from 385 certified scion selections and 26 certified rootstocks all custom grafted for growers specific needs.

With this expanded production capacity of custom grafted vines, growers will receive top quality, clean plants from Duarte Nursery.

Growers are familiar with superior performance of the Big Pot Benchgraft that Duarte Nursery has sold for 25 years with more than 100 million grapevines planted throughout California. Growers seeking April and May delivery will find the new Tall Pot Benchgraft a great option. Growers can have their vines custom grafted and delivered early spring for maximum first year establishment. The MagnumVine offers growers the ability for deeper planting, in row cultivation and quality growth with limited water availability. The UberVine offers a 36” rootstock that reduces the amount of time needed for vineyard establishment and labor costs.

Duarte Nursery Field Representatives are available statewide to aid in selection to help growers select Duarte Nursery grapevines best suited for their needs.

In recent years, Duarte Nursery has made significant capital expansions for its grapevine program. These include:

  • 200 acres of new generation ultra clean grape rootstock.

  • Over 200 acres of certified scion wood.

  • 20 acres of new greenhouse construction capable of producing 25 million containerizedgrapevines per growing season.

  • 35 acres of raised outside benches for hardening and storage.

  • There is no grapevine shortage. For more information and orders call Inside Sales at 209-531-0351 or email