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Beverage Trade Network Launches Custom Sourcing For Wine Buyers

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Beverage Trade Network Launches Custom Sourcing For Wine Buyers

Submitted By: Sid Patel, August 23, 2013

Beverage Trade Network has launched custom sourcing where wine distributors, liquor distributors and beer distributors can select the criteria. Wine Distributors in USA can post a buying request directly on BTN and qualified suppliers will send the distributors their offers. Custom sourcing is a new tool that helps buyers scan the suppliers.

BTN will provide its buyers a free scanning and pre-qualification of all the offers and only send qualified offers. For example some large buyers like ‘wine retail chains‘, ‘wine negociants‘ or ‘private label wine companies‘ prefer BTN to handle their sourcing.

BTN provides a seamless and cost-efficient platform for buyers of the wine & beverage industry. For Professional Beverage Buyers and Portfolio Managers - You can source wines, beers and other beverages by posting buying leads here. This service is FREE for Wine, Beer, Spirits and Other Beverage Importers, Brokers, Retailers, Wholesalers and Distributors.

How It Works?

1) BTN will have your buying requirements and will create a detailed buying requirement posting and post it on BTN under a special profile

2) BTN will scan all qualified suppliers who match those requirements and only disclose the buyer details to those suppliers who qualify.

3) BTN will then pass on a complete list to the buyer so the buyer can discuss the terms directly with the wineries.

The system helps wineries close out their excess stock and also helps the private label brand owners source with confidence. Lot of national chain buyers or wine negotiants do not like to be identified and are looking for good quality juice that the same winery may be selling for 50% most price.

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