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ProWein Delivers the Art of the Deal

Submitted By: Steve Raye, April 22, 2013
International trade fair focuses on “the business of the business”

Chicago, IL (April 22, 2013) – As the 2013 edition of ProWein, International Trade Fair Wines and Spirits, came to a close, the buzz in Düsseldorf centered around a recognition that the show definitely is the most important wine trade show in the world. The common theme heard throughout the Messe Düsseldorf’s massive 2.1 million square foot complex is something that Donald Trump would recognize. This is the place where the “Art of the Deal” is consummated.
Over 45,000 attendees came from all over the world to visit more than 4,800 exhibitors. In total they represented the key decision makers in the global wine supply chain spanning importers, distributors, the on and off premise and wineries. This year there was a noticeable increase in visitor participation from Great Britain, Scandinavia and the Benelux countries but also from France, Spain and Italy. New visitors were also attracted from North America and Asia.
Bob Madill, Partner and winegrower at Sheldrake Point Wines in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, explained why ProWein is so important. “We’ve been attending for four years and have watched the show grow in size and stature. When we first came, our goal was to start building awareness of our lovely little part of the winegrowing world. Now it’s shifted to people seeking us out, people come looking for us, especially Scandinavia countries like Norway, Denmark and Sweden,” he said. “We’ve responded by working with the New York Wine and Grape Foundation to bring other producers together to exhibit and present not just the Finger Lakes, but also the Hudson Valley and Long Island. That’s generated more traffic at the booth, and more interest in each of our wines. And while most folks here speak English, we’ have a multi-lingua translator at the booth because we’ve found it has helped us close deals at the show.”
His counterpart on the other side of a deal completed at the show, Keld Johnsen of American Wine added, “We specialize in importing American wine into Denmark and currently work with 60-70 labels from 14 different states including Texas and Virginia as well as NY and CA. This is the only show in the world where I can see such a range of wines from America in one place.”

A visit to the Wine Australia exhibits further reinforced the dealmaking potential at ProWein. James March, marketing director for the Barossa Valley commented, “We made a great contact at the show which is going to enable us to bring Barossa wines on tour in America next year.”
Willi Klinger, Executive Director of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board also noted “ProWein has come a very long way in the last twenty years. It’s now a premier opportunity for our wineries--most of them are small family wineries-to present their wares to an extraordinarily broad range of potential customers from the whole world that they’d never be able to accomplish on their own.”
An informal survey of journalists in the Press Center pointed up another differentiating characteristic of the show… “Serendipity happens,” said Mark Vaughan, publisher of Santé Magazine, which services the white table cloth restaurant trade in America. “I was amazed at the number of people whom I know at the show. I also saw that the informal interaction in the aisles routinely surfaced connections that simply wouldn’t have happened otherwise.” Events in the evening further broadened the mixing. “I attended a VDP dinner and had the chance to sit down with and really focus on what’s happening with a number of really innovative wineries and compare notes with journalists from around the world.”
The next staging of ProWein will take place from March 23 - 25, 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany. For further information on visiting or exhibiting at next year’s ProWein, contact Messe Düsseldorf North America, 150 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2920, Chicago, IL 60601. Telephone: (312) 781-5180; Fax: (312) 781-5188; E-mail:; Visit our web site; Subscribe to our blog at; Follow us on twitter at
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