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eWinery Solutions Acquires Blue Dog Solutions

Submitted By: Michael Wangbickler, April 19, 2013
Napa, California eWinery Solutions, architect of VinSuite, the wine industry's first comprehensive and fully integrated cloud-based business solution, announces the acquisition of Blue Dog Solutions, a company offering digital marketing services to help wineries develop more effective inbound marketing strategies that include SEO, social media marketing, conversion optimization, and email marketing, among other services.

Through this acquisition, eWinery Solutions adds a suite of services that will allow those winery clients looking to gain greater traction for their online marketing campaigns, a way to generate more traffic and boost direct-to-consumer sales.

"The wine industry lags behind many other consumer goods sectors in its online marketing efforts," says Michael Meisner, founder of Blue Dog Solutions and now Manager of Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Services for eWinery Solutions. "Most wineries are stuck in the mind-set of producing billboard style websites with fancy graphics and design, rather than offering engaging content and site usability. Many of them lack the key elements that are crucial to effective online marketing. We hope to change both their approach to online marketing, and the results they get out of their efforts.

With an increasing focus on expanding direct-to-consumer sales within the wine industry, many wineries are looking to adopt new approaches and expand their online marketing efforts to reach new audiences. Blue Dog Solutions works with each client to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and creates a custom approach to guide them through the steps of becoming more effective and efficient. They focus on keyword optimization, local search marketing, social media marketing, email campaigns, customer retargeting, and web analytics.

"Putting in place eCommerce or club management software is only part of the overall strategy," says Richard Kline, eWinery Solutions founder and CEO. "With Michael and Blue Dog Solutions joining the team at eWinery, we now offer our winery clients the marketing services they need to thrive in a competitive direct-to-consumer sales environment."

More information about Blue Dog Solutions is available on their website at Their blog features relevant tips and tricks for wineries, as well as the ebook Selling Wine Online. Aimed at the wine industry specifically, this guide covers a wide range of topics to help wineries improve their online approach.

About eWinery Solutions
Founded in 2003, eWinery Solutions provides a complete wine-industry-specific software solution to help wineries around the world manage their DTC business, from the first point of contact to extended customer interaction. eWinery Solutions is committed to being the industry leader and providing access to the latest tools and features to streamline day-to-day activities in the wine industry. eWinery Solutions recently merged with Napa Valley POS, a pioneer in POS software targeted to the wine industry. Providing services to over 550 combined clients both large and small; more than 75% of all wine produced and sold in the US is produced by companies who use eWinery Solutions-Napa Valley POS software for their DTC.