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Chappellet Vineyard Appoints Cyril Chappellet Chairman of the Board

Submitted By: Miriam Pitt, February 14, 2013
Miriam Pitt

Chappellet Vineyard Appoints Cyril Chappellet Chairman of the Board

Cyril Chappellet becomes the only person other than his father, Donn Chappellet, to hold this position in the 46-year history of Chappellet Vineyard.

ST. HELENA, Calif. – February 14, 2013 – Chappellet Vineyard is proud to announce it has named Cyril Chappellet chairman of the board. Cyril was elected by the family-run board of directors, which includes his parents, winery founders Donn and Molly Chappellet, who continue to remain actively involved as chairman and co-chairman emeritus. Cyril becomes the only person other than Donn to hold this position in the 46-year history of Chappellet. With this appointment, Chappellet further solidifies its commitment to remaining family-owned and operated as the vineyard and winery approaches its 50th anniversary.

The eldest son of Donn and Molly Chappellet, Cyril grew up on Pritchard Hill working in the vineyard and winery. After studying farm management at Cal Poly and completing his business education at Pepperdine University, Cyril worked outside the wine industry in corporate planning and acquisitions. In 1988, after spending nearly a decade honing his business skills, Cyril returned to Pritchard Hill to join the Chappellet team. “The finest wineries around the world reflect a commitment that goes beyond one generation,” says Cyril. “At Chappellet, this ongoing commitment has been key to our continued ability to make extraordinary wines. It has also elevated the recognition of Pritchard Hill as one of the world’s exceptional winegrowing regions.”

Prior to being named chairman of the board, Cyril Chappellet spent many years as the winery’s managing director. In this role, he was instrumental in guiding the day-to-day workings of the winery, overseeing sales and marketing efforts and working with his parents and siblings to ensure the ongoing vitality of the business. During his tenure as managing director, Chappellet was recognized for making some of the finest wines in its storied history, and Pritchard Hill catapulted to center stage as California’s premier location for mountain-grown Bordeaux varietals, most notably, Cabernet Sauvignon.

“When Molly and I founded Chappellet, we were the 18th registered member of the Napa Valley Vintners Association, and today, there are more than 425 members,” says Donn Chappellet. “Cyril has seen many changes in our industry and spent the majority of his life dedicating himself to our family business.”

Cyril is taking on this new leadership role at a time when the third generation of Chappellet family members are beginning to work in the business full-time.

In addition to his contributions to Chappellet, Cyril has been a board member of the Napa Valley Vintners Association, and is actively involved with the Wine Service Co-Op, of which Chappellet was a founding charter member in 1972. Cyril recently served as the chair of the 2012 Auction Napa Valley, which raised $8.2 million for local charities. “I grew up learning from legends of the industry,” adds Cyril. “People like Robert Mondavi, who taught me to work on behalf of both our winery and our region, and I continue to learn from the vision and wisdom of my father. He’s a man of few words. When he speaks, people listen.”

Chappellet is also pleased to announce that Blakesley Chappellet has been named marketing manager, Amy Chappellet has recently joined the team as sales ambassador, and third-generation family member, Sequoia Chappellet-Volpini, has filled the role of Bay Area sales support. Jon-Mark Chappellet continues in his role as director of operations with Carissa Chappellet acting as the winery’s director of legal affairs.

About Chappellet Vineyard (
Founded in 1967, Chappellet Vineyard is recognized as one of the Napa Valley’s preeminent family-owned wineries, and one of the pioneers of high-elevation vineyard planting in California. For over four decades, Chappellet has crafted benchmark wines with an emphasis on hillside-grown Cabernet Sauvignons from Pritchard Hill.


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