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Mavrik Announces End to Patent Lawsuit

Submitted By: Lewis Perdue, February 04, 2013

Santa Rosa, CA Mavrik North America is pleased to announce resolution of a patent infringement lawsuit brought against it by VA Filtration.

In March of 2011, VA Filtration filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing Mavrik of infringing on its patents.

Recently, the suit was settled because Mavrik doesn’t use nanofiltration. Rather, Mavrik uses a patent-pending technology its research and development team developed in-house especially for wine applications.

Mavrik’s advanced wine technology differs greatly from nanofiltration by:

permitting much lower operating pressures;
removing substantially less fixed (non-volatile) acids and aromatic compounds; and
allowing for a negligible pH shift from treatment
enabling multiple passes for very high VA wines
In fact, Mavrik’s technology has only one thing in common with nanofiltration: The ability to reduce volatile acidity by greater than 30% per pass.

“Because we don’t use nanofiltration, we were surprised by the lawsuit,” said Mavrik’s head researcher, Bob Kreisher. “Forward-looking technologies,” he continued, “will always be the centerpiece of our market advantages.”

Throughout, Mavrik maintained its position as the pricing leader in the industry, which continues as Mavrik advances its quest for gentler and more efficient wine technologies, services, and equipment.


Founded in 2006, Mavrik is a family-owned and operated company, based in Santa Rosa, CA.

Mavrik’s research & development efforts have led to original technologies and equipment for purchase and as a service, some of which are patent pending:

Alcohol reduction in wine w/o heat or pressure
Volatile acidity and ethyl acetate removal from wine
Pyrazine removal from wine
4ep/4eg removal from wine
Smoke taint removal from wine
Tartrate stability in wine
Must pumps
Laboratory equipment

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Robert Kreisher Ph.D.
Mavrik North America
345 Tesconi Circle
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
T: 707.320.0672
F: 206.984.2872