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Tastevin Research Reveals Wine List Placement Is As Important As Shelf Placement

Submitted By: Tara Thomas, January 22, 2013
Santa Rosa, CA - Labrador OmniMedia, a team of beverage and software experts who produce the Tastevin tablet beverage list, has used the data collected from their revolutionary wine list to provide key insights into consumer behavior at restaurants across the nation. Tastevin analyzed the wine sales data of a large sample of accounts in 12 of the largest states and markets in the US. The aggregate, anonymized results show that where a wine appears on the list plays a critical role in sales volume.

"Hard data adds a whole new perspective to the on-premise world," says Labrador OmniMedia president Josh Hermsmeyer. "Most of the previous information about consumer on-premise behavior has been anecdotal. We've been able to use our tablet beverage lists to collect data across the country and measure how important it is to be near the top of your category on wine lists. This is hard data as collected by actual transactions at our client restaurants."

The right digital "shelf space" sells

Tastevin ran an analysis of six months' worth of data for 50 restaurants across the United States. Sales were compared to the position a wine held on the various lists. A very strong correlation was found between position on the list and quantity sold. For instance, a wine listed first in a group ("Un-oaked Chardonnays," for example) will perform 265 times better than the wine listed 30th in that group. Similarly, the wine listed first will perform 3.4 times better than the wine listed 10th in that same group.

"If you want to increase your wine sales, move to the top of the list," says Hermsmeyer. "The case is much the same in the publishing industry, specifically the newspaper business. If your headline is 'above the fold' many more people will see it and read it."

For tablet wine lists, the research shows a significant drop after the first page. "We see a 35% drop in sales from the sixth to the seventh wine in a group," says Hermsmeyer, "which aligns with the 'above the fold' phenomenon described above. Tastevin wine lists show six full items per screen, so this implies that a consumer often makes a choice on the type of wine they are going to purchase after viewing one of the first items they see. In short, it matters very much in which position on a list a wine lives. Crucially, this behavior is very likely to hold regardless of whether the list is digital or print."

Restaurants across the country are using the Tastevin system to track consumer behavior, understand their customers, and integrate their wine list sales seamlessly into their accounting and inventory control software. The results from the data are helping both restaurants and wineries sell more wine on-premise.

"Tastevin is the first truly complete restaurant beverage program I've seen," says Michael Klauber, Co-Proprietor of Michael's On East in Sarasota, Florida. "It's designed from a restaurateur's point of view on the back-end, with comprehensive reporting and inventory control, but even more importantly, the program caters to consumers. It's interactive, intuitive, and easy for guests to navigate. With more than 350 wine selections on our restaurant's list, Tastevin provides our staff the opportunity to learn even more about individual wines on our ever-changing wine list while also encouraging Michael's On East guests to browse detailed winery information, winemakers' stories and food pairings."

About Labrador OmniMedia
Labrador OmniMedia is reinventing on-premise beverage sales with Tastevin. Founded by industry veterans John Jordan and Josh Hermsmeyer, Labrador is obsessively dedicated to creating technology that makes their beverage lists the easy choice for diners, restaurateurs, and wholesalers alike. The application is currently in use in a number of top restaurants around the country, including Coohills Restaurant, Downtown Dining, Hawthorn, Hyatt Irvine, Michael's on East, Pacifica Group of Restaurants, and Ruth's Chris Steak House.


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January 22, 2013
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