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WiSA Systems now managing irrigation for 256,000 acres of vineyards worldwide

Submitted By: Lewis Perdue, August 08, 2012
PRESS RELEASE – August 8, 2012

Santa Rosa, Ca. – WiSA, one of the recognized world leaders in precision irrigation management systems, has announced that WiSA Systems now manage 335,000 acres worldwide. (256,000 acres of vineyards) WiSA Systems are also utilized in a wide range of growing environments including row crops, orchards, hydroponics, etc. (79,000 acres)

“With the ever increasing demand for high quality grapes and the decreasing supply of clean water, more growers are focusing on irrigation efficiency” stated Joseph A.Yacura of WiSA America.

WiSA Systems are known for their ability to significantly lower the consumption of water, fertilizer and energy while also decreasing labor costs associated with vineyard irrigation/operations by up to 30%. These results are achieved through the use of pulsating irrigation techniques. (Shorter but more frequent irrigation events managed through wireless controls and monitored by inground sensors in real time - 24x7.) This ability to lower overall vineyard growing/operating costs while maintaining and/or increasing grape quality and yield is a key contributing factor in the selection of WiSA Systems.

WiSA Systems operates globally and now has over 630 installations worldwide.

“There are few, if any, commercial precision irrigation management products available anywhere in the world that have the technical advances and reputation for reliablilty as WiSA.“ stated Joseph Yacura.

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