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Tonnellerie Ô Welcomes New Master Cooper: Quinn Roberts, Coopering/Winemaking Veteran

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Tonnellerie Ô Welcomes New Master Cooper: Quinn Roberts, Coopering/Winemaking Veteran

Submitted By: Alissa Fischer, June 28, 2012
Benicia, CA – Tonnellerie Ô has announced the addition of Quinn Roberts as the new Master Cooper and Operations Manager of its Benicia, CA cooperage. Roberts will lead the operation which supports the Tonnellerie Ô, Barrel 21 and Creative Oak brands.

Roberts brings extensive coopering and winemaking experience to his new role, a unique combination that Tonnellerie Ô CEO, James Herwatt, sees as a significant plus.

“Quinn’s experience in both coopering and winemaking will help him connect with our customers at a very high level,” Herwatt said. “Additionally, his operations experience gives him the business acumen necessary for successfully running a cooperage with this level of advanced technologies and capabilities.”

Roberts has worked with barrels his entire adult life, starting in barrel reconditioning at the age of 13. He spent eight years as Master Cooper with Robert Mondavi Winery, a senior staff position directly involved in the production of single vineyard reserve wines. He also managed operations at Winemaker’s Cooperage of Foster’s/Treasury Wine Estates, managing production of up to 15,000 French, American and Eastern European oak barrels per year.

Most recently, Roberts was the Cellar Master at Buccella Wines, managing a team responsible for producing one of California’s most acclaimed red wines.
With his refined sensory evaluation skills and proven understanding of the relationship between oak and wine, Roberts believes he is equipped for the challenges of his new role.

"This cooperage is an elite facility, and the dedication to quality here will enable us to compete at the elite level. This is just the sort of environment I will excel in,” Roberts said. “I consider myself fortunate to be part of a world-class facility with such a highly skilled team."

Roberts looks forward to working with the firm’s world-class scientists and analytical chemistry laboratory. “We are engaged in continual evaluations of toasting and the chemical markers in wood, and it will be exciting to collaborate with our scientists to make barrels to a winemaker’s very, very precise specifications.”

Tonnellerie Ô marries traditional artisanal coopering with leading-edge technology and an in-house oak flavor laboratory to handcraft and custom finish the finest luxury French oak wine barrels, made locally in California. For more information, please visit our website at www.tonnellerieo.com.

Barrel 21 blends expert craftsmanship with superior wood sourced from the world’s finest forests creating quality, competitively-priced American oak barrels. For more information, please visit our award-winning website at www.barrel21.com.

Creative Oak, backed by a combination of analytical science and winemaking intuition, is a line of oak alternatives made entirely of barrel-quality French oak, precision-toasted to allow winemakers to create a unique oak signature for each of their wines. For more information, please visit our website at www.creativeoak.com.