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O’Neill Vintners Announces New Changes with Wine Portfolio

Submitted By: Tiffany van Gorder, June 19, 2012
Larkspur, CA (Monday, June 19, 2012) – O’Neill Vintners announces significant package upgrades to three of its newest wine brands, including Camelot, Tin Roof and Pepi.

“Each one of these brands has a unique positioning that we felt needed to be brought to life for consumers in a more meaningful way,” said Jeff O’Neill, President and CEO of O’Neill Vintners. “The label upgrades are contemporary, clean and they better reflect each brand’s essence and the quality of the wine inside the bottles. The new look of each of these brands will better stand out from the competition and have broader consumer appeal.”

Established in 1993, Camelot has earned its reputation as being a wine with character, dependable quality and consistent taste. To align with its essence, the package upgrade to Camelot now includes a textured white label stock, giving the wine a more upscale image. Although the iconic Camelot logo still remains on the label, the Camelot name is placed in a more pre-dominant location on the bottle to highlight the brand more effectively.

Tin Roof is about life’s simple pleasures of relaxing with good friends. The return to its original Stelvin screw-cap closure better reflects this positioning and supports the brand’s essence of being accessible, approachable and an easy-drinking wine. The capsule has also been completely redesigned to emulate the corrugated tin that embodies the brand. The new package upgrades now complete the promise that Tin Roof delivers a quality wine and provides a fun and engaging experience for the consumer.

Since Pepi has been a pioneer in California white wine for more than forty years and is an ideal match for the fresh foods of the spectacular coast, the brand needed to undergo some significant changes to capture this spirit. The label includes a more enhanced image of the surfboard and a more modern and contemporary look and feel. A new ‘steel blue’ color on the capsule replaces the more faded-looking grey from before. Lastly, the label has moved away from the sideways varietal designation and returned to its original horizontal view to make it easier to read on the bottle. The Pepi brand currently includes a Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio but will also be rolling out a Chenin Blanc-Viognier and Chardonnay during summer of 2012.

“At O’Neill, we work hard to produce wines that are true to varietal integrity, fresh and flavorful, serious but approachable, and always enjoyable and fun,” says Mark Rasmussen, Winemaker for O’Neill Vintners. “We work from grape to bottle to make our wines a satisfying experience time after time, and we strive to make each vintage just a bit better than the previous one. We continue to set high expectations when it comes to winemaking for Camelot, Tin Roof, and Pepi.”

About O’Neill Vintners:
O’Neill Vintners was founded in 2004 by Jeff O’Neill, former CEO of Golden State Vintners and third generation member of a California winemaking family with roots dating back to 1934. During the ensuing years, O'Neill Vintners has grown to become the 8th largest U.S. winery with a reputation for producing premium wines, both for their growing proprietary portfolio and as one of the premier custom wine producers in California. O’Neill’s national brands include Camelot, Pepi, Tin Roof, and Moscato Allegro. For more information on O’Neill Vintners, please visit

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