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Provino Inc. Announces Name Change, New Division

Submitted By: Lewis Perdue, March 16, 2012

Santa Rosa, CA - March 13th, 2012 Provino Inc announced its new name, VinoPRO Inc. to take effect immediately. It also announced the creation of a new technology division focusing on Direct to Consumer technology integration - VinoPRO Technology Services Division. To meet the ever increasing demand for Direct To Consumer wine sales and services, the company has also hired several new people in engineering, sales and operations.

Jeff Stevenson, president and CEO said “VinoPRO is the leading Direct to Consumer premium wine sales, marketing & technology development firm. We represents some of the most prestigious wine brands in the industry including Constellation Brands, Jackson Family Brands, Trefethen, Schug, Iron Horse, and dozens of others. VinoPRO offers wineries a highly trained and professional staff, with hand-selling skills to build their sales using targeted telemarketing and proprietary customer relationship management tools”.

"VinoPRO has increased our DTC Sales in dramatic and measurable ways. They are extremely motivated and have created a substantial, dependable revenue channel that continues to grow in double digits." said Joy Sterling, CEO of Iron Horse Vineyards.

"VinoPRO has helped our organization understand the importance of a consistent, personalized, one to one consumer relationship marketing strategy. They have enhanced our ability to build lasting, meaningful relationships with our customers which has had big impact to our bottom line. As we grow our DTC business, VinoPRO will be a key strategic partner as we further develop a true CRM approach. It has been a real pleasure working with them." said Tyler Plant, Director of DTC Business Operations, Jackson Family Wines.

VinoPRO is also pleased to announce the completion of its efforts to fully integrate with the eWinery platform that connects VinoPRO's advanced CRM platform built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics Navision with eWinery's advanced customer information and on-line order fulfilment systems. Using this platform will enable participating companies to have 360 degree visibility into what their customers are buying, where they are buying it and how & when they are buying. VinoPRO's CTO, Erin Loy, commented. "With the creation of the new VinoPRO Technology Services Division, we can focus our efforts on building platforms that are the most highly scalable and fault tolerant systems for managing customers and selling wine that are available today in the wine industry. By integrating with eWinery in the way we have, wineries and consumers both win. I'm also excited about some of our upcoming announcements and new features that we'll be rolling out this summer for our partner wineries."

Richard Kline, founder & CEO of eWinery Solutions said, "VinoPRO has done an amazing job completing the integration with our systems. We have seen their sales increase 20-30% almost overnight for the clients that are taking advantage of our tight integration. In conjunction with this work, they have helped us define and introduce several new web service touch points that will benefit all of our customers."

For more information regarding this press release, please contact:

Jeff Stevenson, President & CEO
VinoPRO Inc.
2227 Capricorn Way #208
Santa Rosa, CA 95407