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Wineries Unlimited Will Feature “Microbiology from Vineyard to Bottle”

Submitted By: Tara Thomas, February 21, 2012
Richmond, VA – Among the programs to be offered at the upcoming Wineries Unlimited wine trade show and conference will be “Microbiology from Vineyard to Bottle,” where attendees will be reminded that being transformed into wine is not the natural destiny of the grape. In fact, the usual result of unregulated fermentation is…vinegar.

“This reminds us that wine is a complex interaction of microorganisms and that biological control helps assure desirable outcomes,” states Bruce Zoecklein, Enology Emeritus Professor at Virginia Tech. “The essence of wine lies mainly in its color, aroma and flavor. It is the endless diversity of these attributes that keeps consumers fascinated.”

“Microbiology from Vineyard to Bottle” will feature leading practitioners and experts in practically-oriented discussions on grape growing and winemaking aspects related to biological aroma and flavor modulation. One of these sessions will be “Microbiology, An Answer to Grape Growing and Winemaking,” presented by Professor Pascal Durand, University of Burgundy, France.

A specialist in wine management and strategy for the wine industry, Pascal Durand is also a recognized wine expert, operating in several French and international wine competitions. Owner and operator of a small family vineyard in Beaujolais, he consults on subjects including wine marketing, vineyard production and management, wine education and policy.

After graduating from the French National School of Higher Education in Agriculture at Montpellier, and the University of Burgundy, Durand specialized in economics of the wine industry as an academic. A former professor and director of graduate studies in economics at the National School of Higher Education in Agriculture of Dijon-Burgundy, he established the program of wine economics at the National Diploma of Enology of the University of Burgundy, where he taught wine marketing and management for 25 years. He is the current president of the Pinot Noir Academy, an international exchange program dedicated to vineyard and winery management.

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Wineries Unlimited is a division of Vineyard & Winery Management, the leader in wine industry professional development and North America's leading independent wine trade publication. This event proudly supports the eastern wine trade through its affiliations with ASEV/ES, WineAmerica, and other key organizations who bring strength to the eastern wine regions and the wine industry as a whole.

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February 20, 2012
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