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Aussie Wines Over $20 along with Regional Wines Showed 2011 Growth

Submitted By: Lewis Perdue, January 17, 2012

Press Release

Dec 2011 stats show growth for over $20 and regionally labelled wines

Wine Australia USA is pleased to report key findings in the Wine Australia Export Report MAT December 2011. The report shows a strong trend toward premium priced bottled exports and positive export growth for Australian regionally labelled wines.

Premium Growth:
Drilling down to the price categories in total Australian bottled exports, the numbers show decline in the Under $20, but growth above. $20 - $49.99 up 48%, $50 - $99.99 up 33%, and >$100 up 27%. For the US market only, Australian bottled exports in the $20 - $30 category grew 18%.

Average Value by Litre
After reaching a low in June 2010, the overall average value per litre increased 5% to A$4.31.Contributing to the overall growth in the average value per litre of bottled shipments was a decline in the value of exports of Australia’s lower‐priced wines and an increase at the high‐end. The value share of bottled exports above A$5 per litre increased to 42% and the share below A$5 per litre fell to 58%.

By region, the average value per litre for bottled exports is on the rise significantly.

Mornington Peninsula, VIC 4.8% to $16.08
Bendigo, VIC up 42% to $16.64
Heathcote, VIC grew 26% to $15.48
Barossa Valley, SA average value grew 2.2% to $13.24
Coonawarra, SA average value grew 7.2% to $10.81
Margaret River, WA is down 2% but sits right around $10
Yarra Valley, VIC grew 4.8% to $9.89
Adelaide Hills, SA grew 5.4% to $7.90
King Valley, VIC up 38% to $7.03
Western Australia grew 12.5% to just over $6

Angela Slade, Wine Australia’s Regional Director North America notes, “It’s slow and steady – the category is correcting itself and what’s emerging is an exciting and diverse offering of regional Australian wines.”

Regional Trend:
Drilling down to the regional level, Wine Australia has followed the numbers that show an even brighter picture for the Australian category.

Bottled exports by region – in volume and value.

Barossa Valley up 16.6% by volume and up 19.1% by value
Margaret River up 15.8% by volume and up 13.5% by value
Western Australia (state) up 48% volume and up 66.3% value
Coonawarra up 7.6% by volume and up 15.5% by value
Adelaide Hills up 8.9% by volume and up 14.85 by value
New South Wales (state) up 2.8% by volume and up 3% by value

“We’ve been watching this trend slowly develop over the past two years through our Trade Immersion Program”. commented Mark Davidson, Trade Education Manager – Wine Australia. “ We knew that the focused efforts on premium and regional education would take to time to gain traction and it is very rewarding to see some positive numbers. The regional message is sinking in.”


Antonia Muir, Communications Manager Tel. 646 344 8125
Angela Slade, Regional Director North America Cell 415 819 5131

About Wine Australia:
Wine Australia is an Australian Government statutory authority established in 1981 to provide strategic support to the Australian wine sector. Its mission is: To enhance the operating environment for the benefit of the Australian wine industry by providing the leading role in: market development; knowledge development; compliance; and trade.
Wine Australia is headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales and Adelaide, South Australia. The group is led by James Gosper, General Manager, Market Development (based in Sydney) and Andrew Cheesman, Chief Executive (based in Adelaide). Wine Australia has international offices in the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, the UK, Ireland and Japan.
In the US market, Wine Australia is led by Regional Director, Angela Slade and provides a collaborative framework for the Australian wine category to secure maximum trade, press and consumer visibility. A team of seven industry professionals are dedicated to building confidence and increasing demand for Australian wines through extensive trade education, trade promotional programs, public relations, and events.
Antonia Muir
Communications Manager
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