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Free the Grapes! October 2011 Media Update

Submitted By: Sean Carroll, October 19, 2011
Here is a short update from Free the Grapes! detailing the current legislative issues involving wine direct shipping.

US House Resolution 1161: HR 1161 now has 109 House co-sponsors, but no Senate co-sponsor. Strangely, even some House Representatives in wine districts are co-sponsors – wineries should be reaching out to co-sponsors and asking why their own legislators are supporting a bill that promises to hurt their constituents and local economies. Congressman Mike Honda, Santa Clara, CA, for example. Oregon wineries are already talking with Congressman Kurt Schrader from the Willamette Valley. We are posting these updates to Facebook to inform consumers as well.

And to follow up on a previous item, the House Judiciary Committee hearing has not yet been scheduled but is anticipated to take place in November. Have you included a message in your consumer emails? If not, send out this link!

Massachusetts: No hearing date has been set for House Bill 1029, but we are hopeful that a hearing will be scheduled, which will help move the bill toward a vote.

New Jersey: Senate Bill 2782 is still alive but includes a 250,000 gallon “capacity cap” which would exclude at least 90% of U.S. wine production from direct sales to New Jersey wine lovers. Industry representatives are working hard to get this removed.

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