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Mavrik Offers Zero Impact Water Removal for Harvest As Answer to Rain

Submitted By: Lewis Perdue, October 13, 2011
October 13, 2011


Santa Rosa, CA— Mavrik North America is proud to announce the general public rollout of its latest innovation for wine production: Zero Impact Water Removal.

The recent rains have had brix marching backwards and rot threatening. In the past, juice has been concentrated by RO or Nanofiltration.

But these approaches come with serious drawbacks:

· very high pressures (600-1200 psi)

· requires the entire lot to be filtered clean

· requires the entire lot to be concentrated

· requires considerable energy to process and even more to prevent overheating

· removes sugar as well as water, amplifying loss due to concentration

· removes volatile aromatic/precursors as well as water

· very high cost

Mavrik’s new process does not use pressure or heat and removes only water, offering the following advantages:

· only a fraction of the lot needs to be filtered

· fermentation can proceed on the rest of the lot

· negligible energy requirements

· only water removed, so no excessive volume loss

· no volatiles removed

· no thermal degradation

· very reasonable cost

Winemakers should be cautioned that, although Zero Impact Water Removal is a great solution for low brix, it won’t compensate for underripe or rot characters. In fact, if either of those is present, any water removal will concentrate them.

In the event of underripe or rot characters in wine, Mavrik can remove these in a separate process. Also, if water removal is not chosen, but the resulting wine lacks color, body and/or structure, Mavrik offers the tightest Ultrafiltration available (TTB approved process). These tight membranes mean no unnecessary loss.

About Mavrik North America

Mavrik North America (MNA) is a world leader in wine elevation processes and equipment. From its headquarters in Santa Rosa, CA, MNA manufactures and distributes its equipment nationally and internationally and operates its field services.

For more information:

Bob Kreisher
Mavrik North America
345 Tesconi Circle
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Robert Kreisher Ph.D.
Mavrik North America
345 Tesconi Circle
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
T: 707.320.0672
F: 206.984.2872