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Moscato Nation Launches

Submitted By: Christina Julian, September 16, 2011
For immediate release

Contact: Christina Julian, 310/795-4757,,


Group includes producers and “citizens”

Napa Valley CA, September 13, 2011 -- An association for America's fastest growing varietal -- Moscato Nation -- was

announced today by founder Christina Julian. Growers, producers, members of the trade and consumers are invited to join

and share the growing enthusiasm for Moscato. "Our website,, will be a lively platform for all-

things Moscato,” she adds. “The organization has sprung up in response to the enormous popularity of this easy-drinking

varietal,” she said. She asks, “what other wine has more than a hundred rap songs devoted to it?”

"Consumers have shown the wine industry what they wanted and the industry has shown it finally ‘gets it,’ “ said Napa

Valley's Tim Hanni, M.W., who has done pioneering research on palatal preferences. “Moscato Nation is a fun place which

will focus the huge appeal of this tasty and uncomplicated wine,” Julian adds. The founding winery members of Moscato

Nation are Benessere Vineyards, Bronco Wine Company and Moscato Allegro.

The organization will:

Maintain a Moscato website with links to members
Attract and connect ‘citizens,’ regular people interested in Moscato.
Collect and create news about Moscato
Assist the media in learning all about Moscato
Follow the music scene's interest in Moscato and augment it
Create a calendar for Moscato events.

Julian is collaborating with long-time wine industry public relations consultant Harvey Posert in launching the

organization. Julian’s background includes working as a marketer and advertiser as well as a freelance writer. She has

lived and worked in New York and Los Angeles; in Los Angeles, working at an interactive ad agency, her team developed the

iPhone app for Kraft Foods which was labeled a “killer app” by Advertising Age and ranked as one of Apple's 100 most

popular applications and among the top 10 within the lifestyle category the year it was introduced.

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