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Wine Leverage integrates with Nexternal Solutions and Custom Web Apps

Submitted By: J.A, Kodmur, September 07, 2011
Wine Leverage, the leader in relationship marketing for the wine industry, announces that it has now fully integrated with Nexternal Solutions and Nexternal’s client wineries.

Wine Leverage is an outbound telephone-sales company which prides itself on seamlessly representing its winery clients. “Our staff builds goodwill between the winery and its club and mailing list customers, which ultimately results in wine sales,” explains Adam Lawson, VP Operations, Wine Leverage. “The integration with Nexternal has streamlined this process,” he adds.

“Wineries are enthusiastic about our representatives calling on their behalf,” Lawson continues. “However, the process of manually entering hundreds of orders is a major task. Over the past eight months we have been working to integrate our system with wineries’ accounting and POS systems. Because of our integration with Nexternal, our client wineries are now able to simply pull a report from Nexternal of all orders which have been placed by our sales representatives.”

“When we engaged Wine Leverage to call our Wine Club members, we were thrilled at the amount of business they were able to generate on our behalf. However, it didn’t take long for us to become overwhelmed with the burden it created to not only enter the orders, but also to deal with issues such as declined credit cards,” Ruth Fevre, Wine Club Manager at Andretti Winery in Napa explained recently. “Now, all orders are seamlessly passed into our Nexternal Order Management System and we simply fulfill the orders. What a pleasure to have this partnership with Wine Leverage and Nexternal,” she added.

Andretti and Highway 12 Winery are two examples of wineries who are using the new integrated campaign from Wine Leverage. Ryan Tharp, President of Custom Web Apps, was the integration vendor for Wine Leverage. ”It has been very rewarding to provide the background service which allows Wine Leverage to be an even greater value to its winery clients. In addition, working with Alex Gile and his team at Nexternal has been an outstanding experience,” he said. “It’s a winning approach for everyone.” Lawson stated.

Wine Leverage

Based in Napa, Wine Leverage, California’s premier wine telesales company, was founded in 2009. Wine Leverage conducts relationship marketing for more than 50 super/ultra/luxury wineries in California, Oregon and Washington.

Nexternal Solutions

With multiple locations in California, Connecticut and Washington, Nexternal Solutions is a leading provider of web-based ecommerce software. Founded in 1999, the company’s unique, award-winning ecommerce system is used by hundreds of clients in many diverse industries, including almost 300 wine businesses. Nexternal provides a comprehensive suite of marketing and fulfillment tools to meet the inherent challenges of selling wine online, allowing wine businesses to maximize revenue while minimizing operating costs.

Custom Web Apps

CustomWebApps was founded in 1999 by Ryan Tharp as an integrated solution provider for web and marketing services. CustomWebApps helps companies to efficiently interact with employees, customers, and vendors and has helped companies all over the United States to create customized web applications.


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