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SJVWA 7th Annual Wine Competition

Submitted By: Pamela Akin, May 26, 2011
7th Wine Competition to Highlight Hispanic and Millennial Generation Wine Drinkers - and Industry 1st!


Competition to Be Held June 24, 2011

Fresno, California:  The San Joaquin Valley Winegrowers Association is excited to announce that Wine Competition Invites are out and will be hitting California Winery Mailboxes in the next couple of days.  In addition, over 50 wines have already pre-entered the three part competition.

About the Competition

The San Joaquin Valley Winegrowers is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (CCHCC) and Fresno Leading Young Professionals (FLYP) in organizing this year's Competition. This one of a kind competition, open to any California Winery, tests each wine through 3 distinct judging panels consisting of: Wine Industry professionals; Hispanic Americans, and members of the Millennial generation.  Entry forms will be mailed out in the next couple of weeks, but wineries can find the rules, and entry information now at  If you would like an official entry packet, please call 559-618-1856.

Why Hispanics?

According to the latest Census findings, Hispanics are the fastest growing part of the United States, and California particularly is seeing this population inch towards 40%; nationally, they make up the largest and strongest minority group.  Here in Fresno, with a population over 1 million people, 47-51% are Hispanic. This growing market demographic has long been neglected by our Industry, and now it is time to see how they taste wine so that we can be sure that we are positioning California wines for future success in the every-changing market.  "We are very pleased to be partnering in bringing a better understanding between our community and our states noted wine industry," notes CCHC Executive Director John Hernandez.

Do You Know What Millennials Want?

Industry talking heads have been hammering home how important Millennials are to the wine consuming future.  As we try to position our wines to appeal to the next generation, have we taken the time to ask them the simple question, "do you like what you taste?" Given current market research, Millennials are going for what they like, and not for what they are "supposed" to like.  If you could find out what a broad spectrum of the emerging wine buying public thought of your wine, wouldn't you?  Knowing what tomorrow's public wants in a wine, with irrefutable evidence, surely alleviates apprehension when deciding what today's vintage should taste like upon release.  According to Millennial/Hispanic American Winemaker Oscar Ramos, of Ramos-Toorres Wines, "I'm both a Millennial and a Hispanic and I'm not entirely sure what those two, overlapping demographics truly want - and at my company, we can't wait to find out!"

All Commercial Wines Are Eligible!

 This 2011 San Joaquin Valley Winegrowers Wine Competition is open to any commercial winery. All wineries interested in really finding out what today's new, and tomorrow's dominant, wine drinkers think of their wines should apply.  If a winery specifically wants a hard copy of the entry pamphlet, please email here.

Entry Info Online HERE NOW!

 This 2011 San Joaquin Valley Winegrowers Wine Competition is about much more than awarding medals; it is focused on finding out what the emerging markets want from our Industry.  If we don't listen to the fastest growing market segments in American society - our global competition surely will - to the direct detriment of California, our industry, and your business.   Entries are due on June 21, 2011 and information can be found or by calling 559-618-1856.

About The San Joaquin Valley Winegrowers Assn.

The SJVWA is the regional voice for 60% of the California Wine Industry.  The Association represents the interests of Growers and Vintners of the "Made in the USA" wines that are enjoyed in California, America, and beyond.