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Submitted By: Lewis Perdue, March 30, 2011

Featuring the fabulous wine of Swanson Vineyards, Napa Valley

Saturday, June 4, 2011 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.


For reservations:

call 800-490-2850 ◊ $85 per person until April 15 then $95

¨ Learn how your unique Taste Sensitivity Quotient affects the styles of wines we love the most.

¨ Discover how the brain processes, stores and recalls sensations to create our individual wine preferences - sounds technical but this is a guaranteed blast!

¨ Understand why many experts can’t agree on wine quality and appropriate wine and food matches!

¨ Experience interactions between wine with food and learn flavor balancing techniques that will ensure the wine YOU love tastes great with the food YOU choose.

What is the brouhaha you ask? Here are choice morsels from the naysayers on the internet:

· "you are - in my opinion - an idiot."

· "Seriously, your argument is ridiculous."

· " more pathetic than anything else. Hanni should know better.”

· “…this is utter bunk…this theory gets what it deserves: F” The Connoisseur’s Guide to California Wine

And now for the other side!

· WINE & SPIRITS EDUCATION TRUST ELIMINATING WINE AND FOOD PAIRING FROM CURRICULUM – ADOPTING HANNI ‘FLAVOR BALANCING CURRICULUM GLOBALLY: “The new edition of the book will come into distribution in July/August 2011 (The long timeline is to allow time for translation and editing –the book will be available in Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and German). There is no embargo on the announcement, so you can certainly announce the WSET are using your ideas in our materials.” WSET headquarters, London

· “The admirable Tim Hanni MW of the Napa Valley has been rattling our cages recently – not least by building on his researches into how different all our palates and preferences are.” Jancis Robinson

· He (Hanni) is the founder of a new paradigm within the wine universe, one that is both polarizing and provocative for wine industry professionals. His work empowers consumers by demonstrating that we all taste differently. Because his work is soundly based in the sciences, psychology and sensory perception, Tim's theories evoke attention and quite frequently a sharp outcry from wine critics and connoisseurs (Note: see above if you missed choice morsels of outcry). If you approach Tim's ideas with an open mind, he will forever blissfully change the way we all look at wine. Jeff Mathy, Vellum Wines

· “I really love how you continue to refine and hone in on this tremendous wealth of information you have. This is a great distillation, very clear.” Chef Sarah Scott, consultant, author, former Sr. Exec. Chef Mondavi Winery

· “I cannot tell you how pleased and excited we are that you will, once again, be the “Anchor” Instructor at the 2009 OIV Wine Marketing Program. Having you as the last person they hear is a real bonus for the course… you must have retired the trophy for the ‘Most Asked and Most Attended’. I should also add “Most Liked” as, yet again, your scores from the student evaluations were amazing. You were the only Guest Instructor that was mentioned by name in the Comments section: ‘Tim Hanni was great’. The table below summarizes your numerical scores - remember that last year’s speakers were an All Star Cast of wine industry insiders. Even a quick look at the summary numbers shows you having two of the four highest average scores (of the 38 speakers) and being in a statistical tie for the other two! Wow….” David Stevens, Office International de la Vigne et du Vin Wine Marketing Program Co-Coordinator

· “Master of Wine and Certified Wine Educator Tim Hanni has been lighting up the on-line wine world this week. More specifically, what’s been lighting up the wine world is the release of a report of highlights from a study of wine consumer taste preferences…In summary, Tim’s report might just be the hot topic of the wine world right now, with several wine personalities from Jeff Lefevere to Steve Heimoff to Jancis Robinson chiming in with their (mostly fascinating) interpretations of Tim’s results.” Joe Roberts, 1 Wine Dude


Tim Hanni MW

"Understand, embrace and cultivate"

(707) 337-0327 cell

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