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Reduce Wine Losses in Unfavorable Weather with Automated Weather Tracking by Active Club Management.

Submitted By: Lewis Perdue, March 24, 2011
Livermore, CA – January 16, 2011: Some like it hot but shipping wine in hot (or cold) temperatures can ruin the wine, lead to unhappy customers and generate unnecessary expense. Wineries can eliminate the guessing game of shipping wine during unknown weather conditions with the Automated Weather Tracking offered by Active Club Management. We are pleased to announce the first and only automated weather tracking system in the industry.

All too often wineries ship wine with their fingers crossed, hoping for favorable weather conditions. This no longer has to be the case.

Today’s technology provides forecasted weather conditions. Combine that with a bit of ingenuity to automate the process makes it simple for any winery to leverage that information. Wineries can set their own preferred temperature ranges and let the Automated Weather Tracking feature do the rest of the work.

Active Club Management’s Automated Weather Tracking reduces operating expenses and customer frustrations. Here’s how it works:

1. Wineries set their preferred temperature ranges and then let the Automated Weather Tracking robot go to work.

2. When wineries print their shipping label(s) the Active Club Management Weather Tracking robot automatically starts checking the destinations of each package. (Active Club Management is certified and integrated with FedEx, UPS & Golden State Overnight Shipping to print labels without imports/exports required).

3. Destination delivery dates of each package are determined.

4. Temperature forecasts are identified for each destination and respective date.

5. The forecasts are validated to be within or outside of the favorable temperatures set by each winery.

6. When any of the forecasts exceed the favorable weather conditions there is an immediate notification which provides the detail that low or high temperatures are forecasted for the respective delivery location(s) and date(s).

Automated Weather Tracking allows each winery to make the decision as to how they want to handle the situation. They can decide to re-package the wine for the extreme weather or hold the shipments and proactively notify the customers. Losses are reduced and customer is service increased. It is win-win for everyone!

Extreme weather conditions damage wine shipments and generate unnecessary losses to wineries in many ways. Immediately we think of the obvious replacement cost of the actual wine but the loss goes beyond that. Wineries have to pay again for shipping, invest more staff time to repackage and ship the new products or process the customer credit. Additional time is spent working to notify customers of how the issue will be resolved and possibly lose the customer if their disappointment in the wine and frustration grows. Even if packages are insured time is spent submitting the insurance forms, answering questions and collecting for the product damage. All of this effort represents a loss of time and resources that would be better spent on more productive work.

Without Active Club Management’s Automated Weather Tracker monitoring weather conditions for shipments is manual, a guessing game and time consuming. Other solutions exist but they require manual uploads, downloads, and a bit of data entry. Mistakes occur when a manual process is required and simply automating the weather conditions is the best solution for everyone.

Active Club Management

Theresa Dorr