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Wine Opinions releases new in-depth study on wine consumer trends.

Submitted By: Lewis Perdue, March 21, 2011
Wine Usage by Day of Week and Occasions Explored

St. Helena, CA (March 21, 2011) – A new study conducted by Wine Opinions offers tracking

data on high frequency wine consumers, comparing their purchasing and consumption

behaviors in 2010 versus 2009. The report – Core Track Volume 6 – presents the results of a

survey of the Wine Opinions consumer panel and focuses on wine preferences and sales by

price point and appellation in both the on and off-premise sectors.

The report also takes an in-depth look at wine consumption at home and on premise

by day of the week, time of day, and by a variety of “with and without” food occasions.

The study confirms that the trade-down trend from expensive wines continued in 2010, but also

that high-end consumers are stabilizing their purchases of $20 to $30 wines. “The market was

extremely volatile in 2010,” notes Christian Miller, the Research Director of Wine Opinions.

“Substantial numbers of high frequency and high end consumers are still reducing their

purchases of over $30 wines, especially classics such as Napa Valley Cabernet and Bordeaux.

Yet some consumers were returning to those categories, and there were strong positive trends

for wines from Oregon, Washington, and South America, as well as for Zinfandel, Sauvignon

Blanc, and Pinot Noir.”

The in-depth analysis of wine consumption at home and on premise (across days of the week

and by occasions both with and without food) shows strong signs of the increasing

incorporation of wine into everyday life. “Fully a third of all wine that high frequency wine

drinkers consume is on Monday through Thursday,” says John Gillespie, the Founder and CEO

of Wine Opinions.

“Not only are we seeing more wine being enjoyed on a casual, everyday

basis, but significant amounts of wine are being consumed without food at all, or while

preparing a meal, or with snacks. And the proportion of red wine consumed without food is


The Core Track Volume 6 report is available to members of the wine trade on the Wine

Opinions site at this link. The cost of the 44-page report is $495.

Information contact:

John Gillespie

(707) 815-9463