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New WineInfoTag Guides Wine Purchase

Submitted By: Lewis Perdue, January 05, 2011
Austin, Texas—January 6, 2011—ImMediaTag, which provides 2D bar code Tags and services for many industries, today announced the launch of its new WineInfoTag.

Wineries use the WineInfoTag service to help their label stand out on retail shelves and restaurant wine lists. Consumers snap a label-specific WineInfoTag using their smartphones to instantly access wine information. They are then able to make better informed, on-the-spot wine purchase decisions.

Using Microsoft Tag technology, WineInfoTag provides a colorful image that, when scanned by a smartphone, displays information about a specific wine. Consumers “hover” their smartphones over the Tag to snap the image. They then immediately see label-specific tasting notes, food pairings, reviews, and more.

Tag is a new type of Microsoft 2D bar code optimized for displaying information on mobile phones.

In order to read a Tag, users first download the free Microsoft Tag Reader. They are then able to snap the Tag, which connects to a microsite to instantly display the type of wine information consumers want to know. Because wineries can update their microsite information according to season, wine release, and new reviews, consumers basically have a live feed to information regarding wines they are considering buying.

"Differentiating a wine label from the hundreds of other labels on retail shelves and restaurant wine lists can be a daunting task," says Pat Conroy, President of ImMediaTag. "The solution is WineInfoTag, which helps wineries turn cell phones into sell phones."

WineInfoTags can be used on wine menus, bottle hangers, and point-of-purchase displays. WineInfoTags can also be added to brochures, emails, and other print media including magazine and newspaper ads.

"Consumers are used to tapping mobile phones for instant information," says Conroy. "Now they can scan a WineInfoTag for important information right at the point they are deciding which wine to purchase.

"A breakthrough in the marketing of wine, WineInfoTag is a win-win for consumers and wineries," he adds. "Consumers use phones to access wine information of interest to them, and wineries profit from increased sales. "

See How WineInfoTags Work

Use your smartphone to get the free Microsoft Tag Reader at Then scan

the tag on this web page:

About ImMediaTag

WineInfoTag is a product of ImMediaTag, LLC. A recognized expert in Microsoft Tag integrations, ImMediaTag provides business-specific Tags in many industries, including WineInfoTag for wineries. ImMediaTag's unique approach ensures customer satisfaction since information is always displayed properly regardless of type of smartphone, including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry.

Using their smartphone, consumers scan WineInfoTags and immediately see tasting notes, food pairings and other information related to specific wines. The WineInfoTag service includes black-and-white and color Tags, a hosted microsite, and marketing assistance.

For more information, please visit Contact WineInfoTag at 888-888-2200 or

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