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C&E CAPSULES Expands Manufacturing Capacity in California

Submitted By: Debbie Jennings, October 06, 2010
October 5, 2010

For Immediate Release

C&E Capsules, located in Fairfield, California, has recently added two new capsule forming machines with a third machine to arrive in a month. This will expand capacity to meet growing demand in all types of capsules for the wine and spirits industries. C&E Capsules is a leading supplier of PVC, Elite Poly-laminate and Champagne capsules which are manufactured in it’s (nearly new) 18 month old facility in Fairfield, Ca. They are a subsidiary of Enoplastic, the world’s largest capsule manufacturer, based just outside of Milan, Italy.

C&E Capsules is also a major supplier of decorated 30x60 screw-caps which are made by their parent company, Enoplastic. Because the screw-cap market continues to grow in the world-wide , Enoplastic has also recently invested in additional high speed machines and decorating equipment.

“Our niche in the capsule market begins with our great polylaminate material,” says Debbie Jennings, VP Marketing & Sales. “It’s a proprietary material that is known to spin down extremely well on a variety of wine bottles with various, and sometimes complicated, neck shapes. This, and the fact that we can hot foil stamp and emboss inline during our forming process, allows us to provide a superior looking and elegant capsule to a design-driven, highly competitive marketplace.”

Jennings goes on to say that C&E has a very unique program for providing high quality capsules at competitive prices with extremely short lead times for growing brands. “This is a great time for us because there is a level of both quality and service that we are able to provide that is not being offered anywhere else.”


For more information, please contact Debbie Jennings at 707.207.7904 ext 307 (office) or 925.872.1111 (cell) or email