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Vintrospectives: New Qualitative Research Service from Wine Opinions

Submitted By: Lewis Perdue, September 22, 2010
St. Helena, CA September 22, 2010 Wine Opinions now offers its

clients a superior alternative to in-person or online focus groups. The

service called Vintrospectives sources participants from the Wine

Opinions consumer or trade panels by running a brief online screening

survey to perform segmentation and selection of qualified participants

who then take part in a three-day moderated online discussion on the

Vintrospectives website.

An advantage of using the online survey as a segmentation and

selection tool is that one or two questions on a key client issue can

also be included in the quantitative survey, yielding insights helpful in

the creation of the discussion guide.

Vintrospectives studies are comprised on eight participants, as in focus

groups. Wine Opinions designs a discussion guide to address client

issues fully, with each issue developed into a discussion topic that

participants comment on and interactively address with each other and

the Vintrospectives moderator during the three-day online discussion.

At the conclusion of the discussion phase, all participant input is

downloaded and analyzed, and a complete report (including participant

transcripts) is written and presented to the client.

Vintrospectives studies can be completed in a three week period from

client approval of the screening and segmentation questionnaire.

For more information on the Vintrospectives service, please contact