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New Single Semester Wine Certifications for Professionals

Submitted By: Keith Wallace, March 12, 2018
Los Angeles, California.

Wine professionals can now earn a specialized certification in a single semester.

The National Wine School is unveiling a new qualification for the wine trade: the Single Semester Sommelier Program (SSSP). Not every wine professional needs to become a Master Sommelier, but most are required to have specialized knowledge. SSSP allows students to earn essential certifications without the requirement to complete a full two-year program.

The program is not just for Sommeliers; it allows for a versatile curriculum tailored to the professional needs of each student. New qualifications include Certified Winemaker, Spanish Wine Specialist™, International Wine Scholar™, Certified Sommelier-Instructor, and Wine Law Specialist™.

In April, the Single Semester Sommelier Program is being premiered in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. All three locations will offer the Spanish Wine Specialist™. Seating in Los Angeles and New York is by invitation only. However, the Philadelphia premiere semester is open to all.

For details on registering for the Philadelphia program, please go the Wine School of Philadelphia’s website at
Completion of the program will reward students with the Spanish Wine Specialist™ certification. The student is also one step closer to wearing the Advanced Sommelier Pin. It takes four certifications as well as the lower-level Sommelier Certificate to qualify for the pin.

After the initial semester, courses will be premiered in Philadelphia before being rolled out to other locations. Full nationwide certification rollout is projected to be complete by 2022. The Single Semester Sommelier Program is ANSI compliant and SCORM ready for deployment in universities and colleges. Plus, the National Wine School offers accreditation for independent wine schools.

About the National Wine School
The National Wine School is a California-based professional school that offers sommelier certification programs. The school does not accept students directly. It delivers training, testing, accreditation, and online resources to its network of schools and colleges.

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