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Don Sebastiani & Sons Retains Balzac Communications

Submitted By: Lewis Perdue, April 06, 2010
Don Sebastiani & Sons Retains Balzac Communications

Napa Agency to Provide Public Relations and Social Media Marketing Services

Twitter Pitch: Don Sebastiani & Sons Retains Balzac Communications to provide public relations and social media marketing services.

Summary: Wine Company Don Sebastiani & Sons has chosen Balzac Communications & Marketing to be their agency of record for the United States.

Napa, CA (March 5, 2010) – Don Sebastiani & Sons, a family-owned wine company based in Sonoma, California, has retained Balzac Communications & Marketing, the leading wine public relations and marketing agency, as their agency of record for the United States. As the acting agency, Balzac will be responsible for promoting the wines of the Don & Sons portfolio to wine industry trade, media, and consumers. Among the brands the agency will represent include Aquinas, The Crusher, B Side, Flock, s|k|n, Pepperwood Grove, and Smoking Loon.

“We were looking for a firm that exhibited professionalism, creative ideas, and one that could help our portfolio of wines grow,” said Donny Sebastiani, President of Don Sebastiani & Sons. “Balzac was the perfect fit for us. They are very much a family company with similar values to ours, and they understand our goals and objectives. We are very happy to have them aboard.”

“We’re delighted that Don Sebastiani & Sons has decided to work with us,” said Paul Wagner, President of Balzac Communications & Marketing. “Through their decision process, both companies just seemed to ‘click.’ There is a lot of common ground here. As an agency, we are excited to work with such a smart, enthusiastic team who is passionate about delivering quality, value wine brands. We look forward to making a positive impact on their business.”

Established in 2001, Don Sebastiani & Sons is an international wine negociant creating award-winning, everyday value wines. Four generations of Sebastianis have made their mark on the wine business, starting in 1904 when Samuele Sebastiani opened his own winery in Sonoma, California. Don & Sons was founded in 2001, and today is run by Donny Sebastiani, son of the founder and great-grandson of the Sebastiani patriarch. Brands in the Don & Sons portfolio include Aquinas, The Crusher, B Side, Flock, s|k|n, Pepperwood Grove, and Smoking Loon. For more information on Don Sebastiani & Sons and their wines, please visit


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About Balzac Communications & Marketing

Balzac Communications & Marketing is a marketing communications agency with a no-nonsense approach to combining the strategies and tactics of marketing, public relations, advertising and graphic design to achieve the marketing goals of its clients. The experience, creativity and determination of the staff distinguish Balzac from their competition. They use these assets to develop and execute cost-effective campaigns, which have won international communications awards. The results speak for themselves. The agency is located in Napa, California, and provides services to national, regional, and local companies based in Northern California and throughout the world.


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