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International Vines, Inc. Named as Marketers of Marilyn Wines

Submitted By: Lewis Perdue, March 03, 2010
Napa, CA March 1, 2010 – The Nova Wine Company announced today the

signing of a multi-year, national sales and marketing agreement for the Marilyn

Wine program with International Vines, Inc. The move greatly strengthens the

position of Marilyn Wines, building on more than twenty-four years of success as

uniquely iconic and collectible wines.

Led by W. Gillett Johnson and Ed Barker, IVI brings a wealth of wine industry

experience and a track record of success as national distribution and brand


“The distinctive and incomparable position that Marilyn Wines holds in the U.S.

wine market is a tribute to the vision of the founders of the Marilyn brand.

These are wines that are aligned with the discriminating tastes and imaginations

of the finest wine drinkers. We are eager to work with our wholesalers and the

Holder family to realize the true potential of Marilyn Wines in the market,” said

W. Gillett Johnson, President of International Vines.

Marilyn wines will continue to be represented in Texas and the surrounding

states of the south central U.S. by Spirivin. IVI and Spirivin bring resources and

experience to the challenges of today’s wine market. “We look forward to

working with our new team,” says Bob Holder, an owner of Nova Wine Company,

“as we emphasize the quality, value, and unique brand positioning of Marilyn

Merlot and our other Marilyn wines.”

Marilyn Wines portfolio includes its flagship brand, Marilyn Merlot, as well as

Norma Jeane – a Young Merlot, Sauvignon Blonde, The Velvet Collection, and

Blonde de Noirs sparkling wine.

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John Gillespie

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