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Wine Women welcomes Paul Mabray as Guest Speaker on Oct. 4th

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Wine Women welcomes Paul Mabray as Guest Speaker on Oct. 4th

Submitted By: Marcia Macomber, September 25, 2016
WINE WOMEN, a new, nonprofit professional trade organization focused on advancing women’s careers in the wine industry by fostering and nurturing talent, providing networking and training opportunities, as well as advocating for better opportunities for women in this industry, welcomes Paul Mabray, founder and former Chief Strategy Officer of VinTank, as guest speaker to its Marketing Forum meeting on Tuesday, October 4th, at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, in Napa at 4 p.m. The meeting is open to women and men serving in marketing professions in the wine industry.

Attendees will have an opportunity to network with marketing and social media professionals in the wine industry and explore ways in which they can expand their collective knowledge and leverage their relationships to enhance their careers.

“We’re excited to welcome Paul Mabray and hear his wine online insights since many of our members work in digital marketing professions in the wine industry,” commented Forums Director, Jackie Egidio. She continued, “Given the direction wine marketing has taken in integration of technology, we couldn’t ask for a more dynamic speaker for our forum meeting.”

The meeting is open to members and non-members alike. Seating is highly limited and advance registration is required at: https://marketing-forum-mtg-oct2016.eventbrite.com

Paul Mabray most recently served as Group Director of W2O Group. He founded VinTank in 2008, the world’s most pervasive software solution for the wine industry and thought leader in all things wine and digital.

It provided lead innovation and product development for cutting edge social media monitoring, social media management, and social CRM in the wine industry. The software analyzed over 300 million conversations, processed over 1 million per day, and profiled over 10 million wine social media users.

Upwards of 4000 wine brands used the VinTank software, which was acquired in 2015 by W2O Group. Mabray created one of the largest data exchange hubs servicing over 300 companies with approximate reach of 9 million wine consumers. W2O Group recently discontinued use of the software to focus on other channels unrelated to wine.

Prior to founding VinTank in 2008, he was CEO, Chief Strategy Officer and SVP of Business Development at Inertia Beverage Group (now WineDirect).

Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars (https://www.cask23.com/), notably known for being the winery that won the Cabernet Sauvignon competition in the 1976 Judgment of Paris (https://www.cask23.com/our-story/history/paris-tasting), was founded in 1970, and is considered a Napa Valley first-growth estate. Their goal is to create wines of classic beauty — wines with balance, complexity and harmony.

Their signature style has often been described as “an iron fist in a velvet glove,” a reference to the artful balance between ripeness and restraint, softness and structure, that yields Napa Valley wines of exceptional beauty and long life. Achieving that style requires a level of attention to detail found only among the world’s best and most dedicated wine producers.

WINE WOMEN’s mission is “To champion the advancement of women’s careers in the wine industry by building strong relationships, essential business skills and leadership among members.” At the core of the new 501(c)(3) nonprofit professional organization’s activities are programs focused on providing the tools, guidance and creativity for members to attain industry prominence.

WINE WOMEN Forums are career development tools for women (and men) in the wine industry. Each forum is profession- or topic-driven, such as finance and accounting, human resources, winemaking, marketing, and other facets of the business. Additional forums are in the planning stages for other peer groups, such as management and operations. Eligibility to join a forum is established by each forum’s membership. Forums are open to both women and men (unless otherwise stated). Advance registration is required.

For more information about WINE WOMEN, visit: http://winewomen.net/about/ or call 707.996.8740. Visit WINE WOMEN’s website at WineWomen.net, or their Facebook page, WineWomenOrg, and find them on Twitter @WineWomenOrg. For membership information, email Ellen Reich Luchtel, Membership Director, at Ellen@WineWomen.net. For complete details on their events calendar, visit: WineWomen.net/Events-List.