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Point Of Sale - Clear as Mud?

Submitted By: Heather Benton, March 11, 2016
One of the biggest challenges for family wineries is selecting a POS provider. Many wineries are frustrated with their POS or they may need more support or clarification about the capabilities of their POS.

VingDirect Founder/President, Tammy Boatright, will be moderating a panel on Thursday, March 24 with the wine industry’s top POS providers including; Vin65, VinNOW and Captina.

During the webinar we’ll cover:

- What should you look for in a POS?
- What questions should you ask a prospective POS provider?
- Which POS is the best fit for your winery?
- Your questions answered by leading POS providers

Thursday, March 24 | 9:30-10:15AM PT

Visit the link below for more information.