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Mendocino Wine Company Settles Legal Matters

Submitted By: Tara Thomas, August 26, 2014
Contact: Tom Thornhill
Phone: 415-459-2876

Mendocino Wine Company Settles Legal Matters with Former President Paul Dolan

Mendocino, CA -- Mendocino Wine Company has announced that all legal issues with Paul Dolan have been resolved. "We are pleased and satisfied with the way these issues have been settled," states Tom Thornhill, CEO/owner of Mendocino Wine Company.

"In agreeing to the settlement MWC will make no financial compensation to Paul Dolan. Paul Dolan has relinquished his minority ownership in Mendocino Wine Company, and confirmed Mendocino Wine Company’s longstanding ownership of all right, title, and interest in and to the Paul Dolan® brands and all related trademarks and intellectual property," states Thornhill. "With this resolution, we at MWC will continue to exercise full control over all aspects of our Paul Dolan® brands."

As a part of the agreement, Mendocino Wine Company has dropped all pending litigation related to Paul Dolan’s termination for cause.

Says Thornhill, "We are delighted that our family can continue to move forward and focus our efforts on doing what we love: growing some of the best grapes and making some of the best wines in Mendocino County."

Paul Dolan Vineyards Releases Updated Package Design

Napa, CA – Paul Dolan Vineyards™, a Mendocino Wine Company brand, announces the release of an updated package design. The new design conveys a cleaner and more contemporary image that more closely aligns with the essence of Paul Dolan Vineyards.

"The vision of Paul Dolan Vineyards™ is to make wines that are in harmony with the earth, and therefore reflect a distinct sense of place," says Chase Thornhill, Senior Brand Manager for Mendocino Wine Company. "We’ve made a huge commitment to our vision for this brand over the past several years, and wanted the package design to reflect that."

Started by Mendocino Wine Company in 2006, Paul Dolan Vineyards™ is located in the heart of Mendocino County in Northern California. It is a secluded land of rich biological diversity and microclimates. Holistic winemaking practices, including the use of organically grown grapes, support each bottling’s expression of place for wines of unforgettable character.

"It has often been said that great wines are made in the vineyard, but nowhere is that more evident than with the Paul Dolan wines," says Mark Beaman, winemaker for Paul Dolan Vineyards™. "We very much believe in the concept that winemaking is a partnership between man and Nature. These wines express the unique character of spectacular vineyard sites, carefully managed in complete harmony with the earth. We make no compromises, and that is reflected in our wines."

The new label follows a new website, with both designed by Karen Adair of DG Creative. "I wanted the label to embody the essence of the brand. The wines are about terroir and bring Mendocino County to life. This label, with its simplicity, lets them speak for themselves," says Adair.

CCL in Sonoma printed the labels and applied some techniques to achieve their eye-catching look. Using a creative embossing die and foils, the printer was able to create three distinct facets for each of the three crescent shapes on the label; the result has characteristics of a cut and polished stone.

"The three crescents that make up the logo represent the holistic ideal of the brand, and proposed a unique challenge. Get it wrong and they look flat and boring. Get it right and they can almost catch your eye like a diamond. I think we got it right," says Stephan Finke, manager of CCL.

About Mendocino Wine Company
Mendocino Wine Company is owned and operated by the Thornhill family and based in Ukiah, California. Formed in 2004, the Mendocino Wine Company owns and operates Parducci® Wine Cellars, Mendocino’s oldest winery, as well as Paul Dolan Vineyards™, Moniker® Wine Estates, and several others. The Thornhill family continues the tradition of making award-winning wines using sustainable wine growing and land use practices. Mendocino Wine Company has created an example for the rest of the world—a world that they hope to make better in every way. In recognition of their leadership, the State of California twice (2007 & 2009) awarded Parducci® Wine Cellars with the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA), California’s highest environmental honor.

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