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Subject: Sebastiani Layoffs; Copia Lawsuit Settlement - WINE INDUSTRY INSIGHT

Date: 2009-01-27 18:59:56

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Foley Wine Group is laying off an undetermined number of non-union employees and middle-managers, according to numerous phone calls and emails to Wine Industry Insight.

A call from one laid-off employee said there were “lots of lay-offs”. The employee did not want to be identified for fear it would hurt chances of getting a job elsewhere.

Guided by web data, along with unsolicited email and phone tips, WII made additional phone calls asking for specific employees and were told they “were no longer here.”


WII made eleven phone calls to company officials and left an equal number of voicemails over a six-hour period today.

Those calls and voicemails went to to Foley Wine Group President Tim Matz, Foley Marketing and PR Manager Lori Mackey and to Sebastiani Marketing and PR Manager John Calmeyer.

Moments before this email was sent to subscribers, Calmeyer called to say that, "We will be issuing a complete statement next week, but we're not prepared to make a statement at this time." 

He did not dispute the lay-off allegations.


U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Alan Jaroslovsky will allow Copia’s liability insurance company to pay a $250,000 settlement ending a sexual harassment lawsuit.

According to court documents, former Copia employee Crystal Tynan alleged that she had been harassed by Copia’s former Director of Operations Art Ferretti.

Tynan had filed suit in Napa County Superior Court and had also filed an arbitration claim. Tynan and Copia agreed to settle the suit on Nov 13, 2008 — just two weeks before Copia filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Because Copia’s insurance company had agreed to pay the entire amount, Judge Jaroslovsky agreed to allow the payment because none of the funds would be coming from Copia’s existing assets.

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