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From: lewis.perdue@wineindustryinsight.com

Subject: $20+ Wines Continue To Lead Trading Up - WINE INDUSTRY INSIGHT

Date: 2010-05-05 19:18:32

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  • $20+ Wines Continue To Lead Off-Premise Trading Up

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$20+ Wines Continue To Lead Off-Premise Trading Up

The off-premise “trading up” phenomenon, as first noted by Wine Industry Insight in March, is gathering steam with wines in the $20+ price segment gaining 19.2 percent, up from their 12.6 percent gain last month.

According to scanner data from The Nielsen Company, higher price segments mostly dominated growth in dollar volume  for the period ending April 3, 2010.


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Wines selling for an average of $24.83 per 750ml bottle were the top gainers coming despite an average price increase of $0.55 per bottle.This is the third month in a row that the $20+ segment has posted a significant gain while increasing the average price.

The $20+ segment was followed, in order by average 750ml price:

  • $12.39, up 16.8%
  • $9.93, up 15.4%
  • $4.62, up 8.0%
  • $16.19, up 8.0%
  • $6.82, up 3.3%
  • $2.23, up 3.2%


The Nielsen Company spreadsheet that includes the data on which this article is based is available here for VIP Premium subscribers. Even this full spreadsheet represents just a very small fraction of that available to Nielsen clients.

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