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Subject: Free "Wrath of Grapes" - A Happy-New-Year Bonus For Wine Executive News Premium Subscribers

Date: 2015-12-31 12:38:38

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Free "Wrath of Grapes" - A Happy-New-Year Bonus For Wine Executive News Premium Subscribers
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Wine Executive News

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Issue #14 - December 31, 2015

Free "Wrath of Grapes!"

A Happy-New-Year Bonus For Wine Executive News Premium Subscribers

Thank you for being a Wine Executive News premium subscriber. Your support has made it possible to devote time to 47 exclusive, in-depth premium articles this year. This original reporting broke the first news and continued follow-ups on major stories in the wine industry. A sample of a few of those articles are linked below. I'm writing mainly to say "Thank You!" for your support this year.

Wrath of Grapes

As a small token of my thanks, I've included links, below, to free copies of The Wrath of Grapes which was originally published in 1999 by HarperCollins and used for the basis of major reporting by Barron's Weekly. I have since obtained the publishing rights and made it available on Amazon.

I wrote the book in the late 1990s and -- among other things -- predicted the massive glut that flooded the wine industry beginning (as predicted) in 2001.

For those of you new to the industry, this was an astounding over-supply that the industry's "experts" and "luminaries" said could not happen and continued to deny even as it rose over their heads.

The Wrath of Grapes is somewhat dated now, but many of the industry dysfunctions and delusions described in the book still linger. The book links will be "live" until January 8, 2016. Please do not forward these files to others.
(This link from my main book author site will explain how to put eBooks on your Kindle or iPad)

In Case You Missed It

I published a small article in the News Fetch email on Monday, Dec. 28 -- Yao Family Wines Buys Bello’s Former St. Helena Tasting Room. I'm including the link in case you missed it amid all the holiday goings on. The Napa Valley Register based an article on my on Dec. 31, but missed the details you got.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Exclusive, Original Articles Your Premium Subscription Brought You

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