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How Do I Get My News Included In Wine Industry Insight?


  • Save your article as ASCII text (Use Notepad in Windows. For Mac, use TextEdit or TextMate and save as .txt or ascii.)
  • Cut and paste into the box.
  • Click update after you cut and paste.
  • If you edit your text, make sure to click update before hitting the big red submit button.
  • If you insert a photo or image, make sure that file is hosted on your own server.
  • Headlines are limited to 50 characters, including spaces. Use Twitter tactics and/or go here for more tips: One-Minute Editor (


Everything about Wine Industry Insight is about news, data and information for people in the TRADE.

So please make sure that YOU would be interested in a topic if it was sent from some other other winery, vineyard, supplier or industry source. Some of the following are redundant. I've repeated them because they are very important.

Make sure to READ THE POSTING FORM! People have been including very large images. Any post with an image larger than 600 x 600 pixels WILL BE DELETED.

1. DON'T post new wine releases, consumer winery events, charity donations, new labels, etc. UNLESS they are a HIGHLY unusual thing that would be of interest to your industry colleagues ... NOT the average wine consumer.

2. DO post such things as new personnel, promotions, winery expansions, new distributor relationships, unique wines, bottle sizes, promotional activities,

3. DO keep the formatting simple. All of the Other Voices entries are maintained in a searchable database, but it will choke on elaborate formatting, fonts, inserted graphics and the like. Due to Recent Abuse of our open formatting, ALL formatting code will now be stripped from posts, and is prohibited.

4. Before posting on Other Voices, DO cut and paste your release into Notepad OR Mac's Text Edit to filter out database-choking things.

THEN, cut that and paste it into the Other Voices box.

5. Please DON'T use ALL CAPITALIZED HEADLINES ... not only are they harder to read, they look line someone desperately SHOUTING for attention.

6. KEEP HEADLINES SHORT! Okay, I am desperately SHOUTING for attention here. Long, rambling headlines never EVER get the readership you want.

You might as well not bother to write your news release if you wander around all Hell and gone before getting to the point. If you have trouble with that, use this tool: visit One-Minute Editor (

Also, look at the News Fetch headlines. See how short they are. I will shorten headlines or I will simply leave the danged story out if I am in a hurry. I will delete Other Voices articles with long, rambling headlines.

7. DO make sure you have written the clearest possible prose. If you have any doubts, or if you are working with a junior person who is doing a first draft, you could have them visit One-Minute Editor (

8. DO email me ( if you have problems or suggestions for improvement.

9. DO NOT give your log-in to anyone else.

10. SPAM will not be tolerated.